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Here are the most commonly asked questions about Authorized Doc.

Q: What happens when my free trial expires?
You will be able to access your dashboard but you will not be able to send any documents for approval.
You will not be able to upgrade to a paying subscription. You can request help from support to process an upgrade.

Q: If I have a subscription how do I pay each month?
No need to worry when you subscription is due PayPal will process the payment automatically. If PayPal cannot process your payment due to lack of funds then PayPal will try and number of times across a week. If PayPal is unable to process your payment after a number of attempts to process the payment then you subscription will be automatically cancelled.

Q: I would like to create a trial account. Do I need to provide any debit/VISA card details?
No debit/VISA card details are required when you sign-up for a trial account.

Q: My trial account has expired can I sign-up again for a trial account?
It is not possible to sign-up for a trial account using the same email address.

Q: When I delete a document from my dashboard what does this mean?
The document is removed from your dashboard and physically deleted from our server. IF you need to retain a copy of your document then you will need to download the document first.

Q: Can I amend my signature after I have approved documents?
No, you cannot amend your signature.

Q: Will my subscription charge change?
No, you subscription charge is set when you sign up for a paid subscription. The charge remains the same for as long as your subscription charges are paid.

Q: IF I have a problem or query what can I do ?
You can send an email to the support team. There is a link in the footer of the site
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